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Bug Reports / Re: GLB 15.004 DO NOT COMPILE
« Last post by Ian Price on Today at 05:31 pm »
Kanonet's example (as linked to) doesn't compile in any version of GLB as there are TYPEs that aren't declared. And your link just links to the whole forum index, not your example. :/

Haven't tried 15.xx s can't comment on that specifically.
Off Topic / Re: What I'm doing right now. (Manic Maker)
« Last post by MrPlow on Today at 03:12 pm »
I think you could sell on Steam Direct and get buys from Retro Fans...You could always giveaway later too if you want.
Bug Reports / GLB 15.004 DO NOT COMPILE
« Last post by Qedo on Today at 03:05 pm »
I rewrite after thread problem.
GLB 15.004 DO NOT COMPILE my FLAG_SPRITE, see source at and also Kanonet's X_SPRITE program (
GLB 15.005 fails to install
Can anyone check?
Off Topic / Re: Graphics Gale
« Last post by spacefractal on Yesterday at 10:52 pm »
Owl boy exampel took many years to complete. Im still not yet to purchase it. But its a one of a newer pixelart style game and its look awesome.
Off Topic / Re: What I'm doing right now. (Manic Maker)
« Last post by spacefractal on Yesterday at 10:50 pm »
Seen im got misse the two posts.

sprites is using smooth movements, not per pixel as the original resolution. They moving using by using .25 subpixel. That means graphics is scaled up by 4x from the original. The game engines howover would been pretty much spot on with the original game with the engines used. That also means HD graphics is also possible, which is done for some levels by Lobo (they look excellent). New graphics is possible for all engines.

All games will been done to 50 fps. but games that use Spectrum preshifting for sprites is also simulated for most cases.

There is of course some differents from various enginges (etc Sam Coupe is a excellent version, which is faster and cool music etc). We also have your own engine, which is the Nintendo DS version. Complete with all animations that happens in the original. Its a spot on ports and nice to play it in windows. The only missing is howover the story yet.

Also gameplay is a bit faster in this version for Perils of Willy, since the original was.... quite slow. but all its bugs is simulated (some was also abused by design).

A release should been pretty much before xmas. But the game is allready quite very very solid.

Orignal idae as Micheal Ware was wanted to show me and Few other how codning would works in Unity, which now turns to a bigger projects. But we dont have plans to sell its. Its all for fun. fun is also behind the project.
Off Topic / Re: What I'm doing right now. (Manic Maker)
« Last post by MrPlow on Yesterday at 08:54 pm »
OOOOooooh! Niiiiiiice!

Like the sound of it - great project!! When you have it ready I know a couple of guys that will announce to retro fans for you.

Love that Color TV Pallette BTW! Looks super!
Announcements / Centipede Game
« Last post by MrPlow on 2017-Aug-15 »
New arcade game for Android in GLB! Please try it :)

Angry centipedes are coming down the screen to attack your hero! But you are well armed and able to defend yourself and your Garden from the coming killer bugs! Free classic arcade shooter with increasing difficulty and vibrant colors.

Player scores by shooting colorful Centipede sections, turning them into mushrooms!
Special bonuses for Fleas and the deadly Poisonous Scorpions!

Centipede head = 100 pts, body = 10 pts, Flea = 200 pts, Spider = 300 to 900 pts, Scorpion = 1000 pts

A new version of the classic game for mobile but with some modern touches to add extra game-feel and 2 control options (1 or 2 fingers mode)

Drag / touch Controls allow a responsive alternative to the original trackball controls

★ Heart-racing fun and challenging gameplay
★ Screen Shaking Effects (optional)
★ Retro color pixel art and chip sounds
★ 1 or 2 Finger control drag modes
★ Bonus lives based of scoring

Additional Updates
- Mushroom Maze Bonus Levels
- More angry baddies to run from
- More action in retro pixels!!
- More explosions too
Beta Tests / Re: New Arcade Game
« Last post by MrPlow on 2017-Aug-14 »
BTW - Do you like my centiplede feature artwork? I think my art style is slowing getting better... :)
Beta Tests / Re: New Arcade Game
« Last post by MrPlow on 2017-Aug-14 »
Thanks Erico!

I was aiming to keep the player character in view for the player by having the character appear above finger position.
Otherwise I would prob get people  saying they cant see player.

It should only be a little (small) offset.

So far the game is doing well in new arcade in a number of countries and #96 in US. :)
Got featured in Arcade sections in a number of countries.


Ps: Get your Burger Time game up on playstore too - Its looks like a 'hit' to me! :)
Beta Tests / Re: New Arcade Game
« Last post by erico on 2017-Aug-14 »
Took a while.
Tried it with a few kids (~8 years old).

We all found the controls a bit hard to master.
They are not bad, but a bit strange straight away, it felt it takes a little over too much to master.

Personally, the way you implemented the auto fire is perfect! It is just that there is something weird about touch-dragging and the player being a bit above, like you are always touching nothing, hard to explain ... like those bright spots that pops up inside the eyes every now and then and you can´t look straight at them :D .


edit: drunk fix
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