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Off Topic / Re: New ZX Machine
« Last post by erico on Today at 12:56 am »
Yep, the vega+ is in full drama+ right now, but I didn´t like it in the first place.
The Next is doing quite fine, soon to hit kickstarter.
There has been some new sprite videos and so on on their FB page, quite nice stuff.

I wonder when people are going to start betting on KS projects as they do with horses...:D
Off Topic / Canada Visa
« Last post by Eta.Kanada.thevy on Yesterday at 11:52 pm »
Nächste Woche das Essen nach Kanada, Das Visum wurde geschaffen hier
Einreise Kanada eta
Off Topic / Re: New ZX Machine
« Last post by spacefractal on Yesterday at 11:09 pm »
Vega+ got delayed again. Look like its one of the projects goes very wrong and property will newer release.
This seens to been Recommended Steam games, so.....

Im did newer cleared the final boss in the Wolfenstein old blood (not sure why), why the New Order was also evil too (but possible). But both newer Wolfenstein games is pretty much surpricely very good and liked them (im Did except that much, so that positive).

The new Doom game is also good (even im have not played that much as im should). Its might not have that good MP review, but SP is great.

Im also recommended Pinball Arcade as well (which im recently have put that on my arcade cab), which is a very close simulator of the real ones (im even checked that with some tables).

Also im have a VR setup, so im also checking and playing VR games. The lastest was Robo Recall and Ultra Wings. Im like how you control the plane in Ultra Wings with your touch controllers. On Steam, Blue Effect VR is a fun horror wave shooter.

Hi guys, I really don't play too much games, the last I bought was Metro 2033 and I don't play practically nothing... Some month ago I bought another, WolfEnstein the new Order and I like a lot.

In steam you can find it, if you use Linux don't worry, I have working with wine 1.7.33 and runs really good (you have tutos in youtube how done).

Another really good is Grid AutoSport, I bought because runs in native Linux, and is awesome is really really fun!!!


Grid AutoSports
GLBasic - es / Libro de Shaders
« Last post by mentalthink on Yesterday at 07:27 pm »
Os dejo esté libro para aprender Shaders (si os interesa), no está acabado pero está realmente bien explicado, a parte en Castellano.
Para empezar viene de maravilla, luego supongo que es leerse el libro naranja que le llaman de Shaders.

He probado un par de cosillas y me han funcionado en GLbasic, a parte lo bueno del documento es que es interactivo, creo que está hecho con processing, que puede hacer esas filigranas chulas.
Off Topic / Very nice stuff for learn Shaders.
« Last post by mentalthink on Yesterday at 07:25 pm »
Hi guys I dounf this book for learn Shaders (it's incomplete but is useful), is in Deuscht, English and Spanish and more languajes.

Really is good explained and very easy to use, it's interactive.

I test a couple of thing in GLbasic and runs... I have to test more.

For begin to learn Shaders comes really good.
IDE/Syntax / ...
« Last post by msx on 2017-Mar-21 »
IDE/Syntax / Re: How to write cyrillic characters?
« Last post by msx on 2017-Mar-21 »
Solved. It consists of converting texts from Cyrillic to Latin.

I have used this web:
IDE/Syntax / [SOLVED] How to write cyrillic characters?
« Last post by msx on 2017-Mar-21 »
I would like to publish my app in Russian but I do not know how to write texts with Cyrillic characters in the current IDE. Is there any way or can I forget it?
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