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So, that's no an issue with BOXCOLL but some screen / navigation bar problem.
I checked that .apk on
- phone with Android 6.0, hardware buttons, both software bars (navigations and status) are invisible, line is drawn at proper position, so no issues,
- old tablet with Android 4.0 that has software bars always enabled, and they are visible in this app, (navigation bars are also visible in other GLB based apps, status bar isn't visible, but imerssive mode is available from Android 4.4),
Currently no other devices to test. I didn't play with Android from long time so can't help with such os based stuff atm.

If no navigation bar is shown then thats 'immersive' mode? So GLBasic does that by default (or it needs AndroidExtras or some manifest file changes, don't remember)..
To validate that issue you can give even some small source ready to compile and test, do you use orientation/screen rotation functions, any other special stuff or just basics? If touch controls responds with proper x y positions there should be no problem. On other hand I use hand written collision functions, that's only couple minutes of coding and much more handy if you have UDT, at least for me.

In short, there is no bug, that text is just encoded with chunks.
Checked with Fiddler, created raw HTTP request and response is same as in GLBasic, one of headers is: 'Transfer-Encoding: chunked', and as I assume GLB doesn't support such decoding (same with comperssion for response body) and it passes raw response body to you, so check your php code what headers are you setting, or force no encoding/compressing for that particular highscore file.

ps. in browser it will look ok as you don't see raw headers and all browser support encoding / compression.

Hey, some time ago I posted topic about similar (or same) issue with mouse functions, take a look:
Generally I had problems on Win8.1 but Android was working ok. For workaround as my apps didn't require multi-mouse input on pc I just forced them to use standard single mouse input only.
Wasn't sure but now as you confirmed it, that really looks like a bug.
btw. your function isn't perfect, better to use something like this:
Code: GLBasic [Select]
        LOCAL i%,mx%,my%,mb1%,mb2%,mc% = GETMOUSECOUNT() - 1, clicks%
                clicks% = 0
                FOR i=0 TO mc
                        SETACTIVEMOUSE i
                        MOUSESTATE mx,my,mb1,mb2
                        IF (mb1 or mb2) THEN INC clicks%
        UNTIL clicks% = 0

Current GLBasic version is 15.089, You can see it at right upper corner of forum webpage, from what I remember this issue was fixed in one of ver. 15 updates.
Don't forget to use GLB_ON_LOOP if you plan to put game on mobiles.

It depends what seeing you have enabled, like sandboxing every application and so on. For normal applications thats no issue but GLBasic contains compiler, linker and other tools that can interfere into existing applications? (like inject icon), Bitdefender sees that and because GLBasic isn't well known tool (like many other development tools) it's flagged as virus. So just disable when installing, and should be ok.
About compilation it's similar, at default settings: Avast, AVG, GData and others that I used will temporary block newly compiled applications (pick up to sandbox, scan app, check if it doesn't do any harm to OS and then run it normally), and that can also affect normal c++ tools. Generally I just disable anti-virus software during developing. But you can check what heuristic level is set in your AV, also that directory exclude option should work - if it doesn't than AV has a bug.

No problem. In general compiling works like this:
- precompile GLB sources with GPC.exe to c++ code (set resolution, platform and others as arguments here),
- do standard c++ compiling with those sources: compile and then link with g++.exe and proper arguments,
- if needed add icon, run other commands,
All needed commands are in platform.ini files.
Grabbed from some GLB 12 test:
Code: GLBasic [Select]
GPC arguments: -pWIN32=1 -pGLB_VERSION=11.556 -N"cube_test" -X640 -Y480 -M0 -R60 -O"C:\Users\me\AppData\Local\Temp\glbasic\gpc_temp" -L3 -EXPLICIT -P"D:\projekty\glbasic\cube_test" -V"000.001" "D:\projekty\glbasic\cube_test\cube_test.gbas" "D:\projekty\glbasic\cube_test\3d_func.gbas" "D:\projekty\glbasic\cube_test\gl_include.gbas"
and c++ stuff:
Code: GLBasic [Select]
compile: g++.exe -B"C:\Program Files (x86)\GLBasic_v12\Compiler\platform\Win32\Bin" -pipe -O3 -w -c -x c++ -mwindows -I"C:\Program Files (x86)\GLBasic_v12\Compiler\platform\Include" -I"D:\projekty\glbasic\cube_test" -D_WINDOWS_ -DNDEBUG -DHAVE_OPENGL
link: g++.exe -Wl,-Bdynamic,-enable-stdcall-fixup,--subsystem,windows -B"C:\Program Files (x86)\GLBasic_v12\Compiler\platform\Win32\Bin" -L"C:\Program Files (x86)\GLBasic_v12\Compiler\platform\Win32\Lib" -L"C:\Program Files (x86)\GLBasic_v12\Compiler\platform\Win32\Lib\DX7" -L"D:\projekty\glbasic\cube_test"  "C:\Program Files (x86)\GLBasic_v12\Compiler\platform\Win32\Bin\icon.o" -lGLBasic -lpng -ldsound -ldinput8 -lwinmm -lole32 -lopengl32 -lvfw32 -lws2_32 -lgdi32 -lcomdlg32 -luser32 -lkernel32 -ladvapi32 -lshell32<< w: 'C:\Users\me\AppData\Local\Temp\glbasic'
strip: strip.exe --strip-all
rest: MakeApp.exe "D:\projekty\glbasic\cube_test\cube_test"

Not me :p Generally I see that now VisualStudio has options to use custom languages, yet most important questions is that all language features could be implemented in this way? All syntax stuff, compilation and debug.. As for now my editor is sufficient for me. But if GLB would go to Steam then VS as default IDE would be really nice.

Sad :'( Thank You for your work on features for both mobile platforms, I just hope that if it would be needed someone will be able to pick where you finished (if possible). Mobile markets are different beast but can also give some $$, don't need extra stuff, just base GLB code working 100%.
Long live GLB! :-)

Generally it depends for what you need it, both JS and C# have different purposes, but both are usefully.
JS web apps, scripts, but also for normal apps when used with something like phonegap.
C# can be called successor of C++, cross platform native development like Xamarin, Mono.
Yet there is still PHP, Ruby, Python, and so on...

GLBasic - en / Re: STDOUT does not working?
« on: 2018-Jan-18 »
Never tried STDOUT in console app but it should work, despite that some time ago I noticed that GLB closes out buffer (or whatever it's called) only after app ends. So to catch STDOUT in my editor I use this work-around:
Code: GLBasic [Select]
                extern "C" {
                        #include <cstdio>
        namespace __GLBASIC__ {

FUNCTION stdout_fix:
                setbuf(stdout, NULL);
Don't put this into main source file, call 'stdout_fix()' after load/init, and should work, also for bat files, so you can do 'path/app.exe >> out.txt' in cmd.

Announcements / Re: Burguer stuff
« on: 2017-Nov-21 »
Remember that many people are using joypads from consoles, you just need usb cable to connect them to pc / or bluetooth, and they don't have switching analog stick to dpad like pc dedicated joypads. And in my opinion for such games it's just better to use dpad (directional pad / cross pad), same goes for arcade games from older systems - emulators and others.
I have checked and GETJOYX() is for analog stick, GETDIGIX() gets info from dpad, so you can read both, shouldn't be problem.

Code Snippets / Re: FASTMEM2SPRITE
« on: 2017-Nov-13 »
Very nice indeed, short and clean. Currently I don't have any use for it but with this speed can be surely used for some in-game effects.
Another good thing is that you can get CreateScreen out of function and this will speed it two times - that's good for effects on already created sprites/textures.

GLBasic - en / Re: screen aspect changing
« on: 2017-Oct-24 »
Never used viewports, but createscreen and usescreen are sufficient for this. Calculate scaling and borders, draw all game stuff on offscreen texture/sprite, then draw that sprite centered normally on screen with scaling, to get proper mouse coords just something like finalX = (currX - borderX) / scale.. On desktop there shouldn't be any problems with SCREEN commands.

Announcements / Re: Burguer stuff
« on: 2017-Oct-23 »
As already mentioned player number above chefs at start/respawn would be nice.
Joypad steering is fluent, but you should add support for steering with dpad, as it feel more retro (at least on my x360 controller only analog stick was working).
Whats the difference between easy/hard mode? On easy 'stuck on landing' shouldn't appear, but on hardest mode this could give additional challenge, all depends on difficulty balance and how it would fit into it.
Game really has a chance to attract users, single screen co-op/competitive games are rare those days and on one side it's strength, but on other it's weakness as real fun comes with playing with friends, and ideal target for this game would be Nintendo Switch or eventually other consoles, Steam might be hard to conquer.
I hope that it will do well after release as it's really good ;-)

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