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I will just add a little to above response from Qedo.
In GlBasic there are 3 types of variables: # - floating point (default), % - integer, $ - string. You should always use those chars in declaration of vars and also functions, so in this code use KONV$ instead of KONV (that would return floating point value).
Second issue: GLB converts code to C++ sources, that are later compiled by GCC, in C++ (and other languages) the '\' is an escape character for special commands like regex expressions, and compiler tries to handle '\\' as such special command. It only aplies to statically typed string's so it wont appear in string from Input, grabbed from files, made with Chr$() and so on.
To avoid this just use:
GLOBAL a$="Test" + CHR$(92) + CHR$(92) + "//Test"

2D-snippets / Re: Fill Fast Line algorithm
« on: 2018-Aug-13 »
Nice, good to have such code ready for use in future. Did you tried other filling algorithms, even just to compare speed? Don't know what impact have those DIMPUSH / DELETE commands.

hm.. I have feeling that somewhere here on forum was already a similar topic.
Pushing language itself to Steam would of course help in improving popularity, yet remember that now most people prefer to 'make a game' with tools like Unity/UDK, or some scripting engines (mostly html5/JS).
As it goes for target platforms. For me Steam is a must have (Windows, and also Linux/MacOS would be nice), Android & iOS are also important - don't need in-app advertising, in-app purchase, just pure GLBasic code working.
Would mobile stuff be done natively (preferred for speed) or by html5/JS code is a secondary matter.
Maybe some options - compile for Android native (older API), or newer with JS..

Looks nice and hope that it will make some $$ for You.
In such platformer movement/controls must be perfect smooth, and don't get me wrong here, I just noticed that in previous Your games on Steam most bad reviews were due problems with player movement so hope that this all will be fine, as this may scare off potential customers.
Look into eyes of that little cute chicken :D

Announcements / Re: Burguer stuff
« on: 2018-Aug-03 »
There is some issue with Youtube videos here on forum, no idea why but you need to disable ad blocking / allow 'dangerous' content to be shown :D (at least in Opera)

Announcements / Re: PMS
« on: 2018-Aug-03 »
Simple awesome. Just put it on Steam and count $$.
I always liked such glowing/blur effect like in Tron movies, and here it fits into game perfectly, and looks great.
Menu transitions are really nice, all that level creating stuff - like enemies pop-in from the ground gives that feeling that game is really polished.

Since final title will be different, is that loading/title screen style final? Only that does not fit as for me.

Announcements / Re: Red Wizard Island
« on: 2018-Jul-30 »
Obviously no problem with that, if You like it, use it freely  ;)

Announcements / Re: Red Wizard Island
« on: 2018-Jul-28 »
It's really hard to say, doesn't look complicated but would be more demanding in other ways than most of current platforms with pixel perfect jumping, yet not overwhelming as some indie games that require to much thinking and management like in Sim games..
If it will have some basic RPG element's, then some even simple story would be nice. If it will be platform game with bullet-hell/shooting elements what would be it main determinant of the difficulty level - amount/strength of enemies, some immune to fire and so on, or e.g. mana management.

GLBasic - en / Re: Windows 7 or 10?
« on: 2018-Jul-28 »
If truly You will use it only for developing with GLBasic use Win7 (as You don't need all that fancy stuff like DX12 support, multiple desktops, and so on).
After checking Win10 little after was released and seen all that crap with updates, spying tools, strange performance problems, I sticked to Win7 & 8.1...
Now it's better but still there are some issues that are annoying (not everybody encounters them, e.g. background updates causes random restarts) so probably safest option would be to use Win7 (if you don't have Win8.1), yet newer system means better use of multi-core CPU (specially those from AMD), and so on...
But there is a catch, if in future You will plan to develop some UWP base app/game, write something in VisualStudio, then Win10 would be better even with it flaws. Not sure how does it applies to popular game tools like UDK, Unity..

Announcements / Re: Burguer stuff
« on: 2018-Jul-20 »
hm.. XBox game pad should be same as others joupads to check.
but if it will help you here it goes, Xbox 360 Wireless controler checked with joystick2.gbas from 'samples'
GETDIGIX() GETDIGIY() -> DPad / directional digital pad -> left x=-1, right=1, up y=-1, down y=1
GETJOYX() GETJOYY() -> left/main analog stick -> same stuff, max left value =-1, max right value =1...
GETJOYRX() GETJOYRY() -> same as above for right analog stick
GETJOYBUTTON(jpad, but) -> buttons: 0-A, 1-B, 2-X, 3-Y, 4-left bumper, 5-right bumper, 6-back, 7-start, 8-left stick click, 9-right stick click,
GETDIGIZ() -> 0-neutral, -1 -> left trigger pressed, 1 -> right trigger pressed
I've checked also JOYSTATE command and must say that using it isn't good idea.
If you need any futher info fell free to ask ;]

GLBasic - en / Re: Polyvector query
« on: 2018-Jul-19 »
You probably figured it out but topic remains open so I will try to help :p
shx is same for source and destination coords? that source sprite is some kind of sprite atlas or you trying to render it as a one sprite?
Didn't play with GLBasic for some time but shouldn't those right/bottom coordinates be basex-1 and basey-1?
If your sprite is 960px width and 600px height then first pixel is 0x0, last is 959x599, wasn't it that way or I forgot something? hm..
I assume that if you are drawing with smoothing disabled it can just cut those left/top border pixels.

Announcements / Re: Asteroids Vector Game
« on: 2018-Jul-19 »
new modes 2 & 3 are brighter and they looks better in my opinion that first mode.
Only one issue that I have are hitboxes for gui elements, sometimes when playing it's hard to hit rotation/shoot button. You are using rect or circle based checking for that? I've checked with scriber and if you touch buttons inside them but near edge it doesn't detect that, you need to touch little closer to center of them, at least on my phone.

Announcements / Re: Red Wizard Island
« on: 2018-Jul-19 »
It's something how Youtube videos are tagged here on forum, in Opera I had to disable ad blocking and allow 'dangerous' content to be shown  :D
You can always check html source of that post to get direct link or hit 'inspect element' in browser.
Game is looking good, I know that this could be a lot of additional work but it would be nice to see cooperative gameplay option, plug two gamepads and play with friend, or even some versus mode.

Same issue as above, orientation changes to landscape, message 'Wumbo has stopped' pops in and thats all, Xiaomi 4A - Android 7.0...

No personal experience with KickStarter, but if you want to keep game small you can go with minimalist version (no: special goals, fancy rewards for backers, dev blog).
For bigger projects with all those things it would be much more work to do with such PR stuff, specially for one person.

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