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GLBasic - en / Re: What is HTML5 and what can I do?
« on: Yesterday at 07:12 pm »
Works without problems on local apache server/xampp.. This is a little off topic but what's current status of 123script? As GitHub sources are 3+ years old, I didn't test them, but if it can use Polyvector and more complex code that could be good alternative solution for hmtl5 target output.

Bug Reports / Re: Wierd Icons on forum´s buttons
« on: Yesterday at 06:59 pm »
Opera, Chrome - no issues here, menu image is linked to '../images/theme/menu_gfx.png', maybe some browser plug-in that messed up with that.

Announcements / Re: Burger Lord Released
« on: 2018-Nov-06 »
That first trailer has some glitches in between 2-3sec.
Did you consider translating game to other languages? If you have only few buttons / little text it should be fairly easy to do, and this may benefit. (there are some web resources with quite good translation for most Steam languages for basic stuff like 'new game', 'highscores' and os on)
PM with Polish translation ;]
And Good Luck!

Off Topic / Re: Back on the net
« on: 2018-Oct-26 »
Nice, at least some bonus from that ISP ;-)
And that's good, as can't wait to see PMS on Steam.

In general HTML5 is just next iteration of standards for web development in browser based environment (end client). Previously many advanced features like video playback, 2d/3d graphic, audio needed external plugins (Flash/Java) or browser specific extensions/coding, so that complicated cross platform app/page coding. Now with standards brought by HTML5 and it support from all web browser developers you can use one code base to have you site with same features on all modern browsers. Like for example Canvas for 2d graphics or WebGL for 3d stuff. It’s up to browser devs to have all such features to work properly.
Taking that into consideration, as MrPlow already specified, you should use JavaScript and one of many popular JS libs like Jquery, that have many webpage / app features already built-in. There is really ton of it, but I’m not an expert so can’t advise what would best fit your needs.
As development tools you can use for example VS Code / Brackets as editor, Xampp for server.

Hm.. If I remember correctly some basic apps where compiled to HTML5 without problems on latest GLB, but there were issues with something more advanced. Now as I messed up some Java stuff for android building I'm not sure if it's that or something else, multiple warnings during compilation, and final project doesn't work - even simple ones like template for testing array speed. But I'm not concerned with that. That HTML5 target would be usefully with full support for PolyVector and all such commands, and that never worked for me. Still it would be nice to have that working even with some restrictions.

Announcements / Re: Red Wizard Island
« on: 2018-Oct-12 »
Ah, yeah early access is a little different story, will need to read about it later..
You are planning to release it as English only game or to support those most populars languages on Steam?
I think that at least store page should be translated, even if you would use a Google translator for it :d

Announcements / Re: Burguer stuff
« on: 2018-Oct-12 »
I though that basic joypad input should be same for all gamepads. Does button numbers (are mapped differently) on PS3/4 pads differs from those on Xbox pads or its something else?
Or maybe this are issues with JoyState only?
As Xbox controllers have more than 60% of Steam market it still would be good to support the rest of possible gamepads, specially in such kind of game. On other hand GetJoy should also work with those pads without problems hm..

Announcements / Re: Zen Blocks on Steam
« on: 2018-Oct-06 »
I see that Your game supports also simplified Chinese, and I have a question about that. From screen shots I see that not all things are translated e.g labels counting moves and scores, specially scoring bothers me, translating such things isn't required to pass any additional checking for 'multi language' game?

Announcements / Re: Zen Blocks on Steam
« on: 2018-Sep-30 »
Nice new trailer, shows game in faster paced gameplay. Yet I think that possible biggest impact on sales would give addition of Trading Cards together with discount on incoming Steam Sale. I already grabbed some free game code so my review also wouldn't count ;/

No problem, nice that I could help ;) I will check it later again and play around a while with it..

Device Xiaomi 4A, Android 7.1, no issues, look like it's working as intended.
I think that this is rather problem with users just don't know how to use this app, and they didn't watch that video with basic usage. 'Enter Commands' may be misleading as they may think thats for typing text with Android/OS keyboard and they press it before using right side panel buttons.
But I found other issue, sometimes not whole command is properly parsed, for example typing: PEN 6 FD 30 RT 89, will be cuted to PEN 6 FD 30 RT 8.
Screen taken from device

Can't download it, I've got info that 'Product is unavailable in your country.' (I'm from Poland)
Not sure, but this may be something with developer mode that I've unlocked on my phone, will need to check this, later.

Yes puzzle games are niche on Steam, and without really original concept or design it's hard to got attention. On other hand many people may think that paying more that couple bucks for puzzle game is to much so I'm aiming at low price and hope to get that $1000 limit and add Trading Cards later as this also can ramp up sales a little. Next projects are action/arcade puzzle game, second is 'lite' strategy, so I will see how it will go with them.

All that stuff with app ids, packages, content packs or whatever it's called can be misleading some times, specially that some tutorials on YT presents older submitting process from what I see. But for such small games it isn't hard if You don't plan to add DLC, create separate packs for testers and so on..

TY, it will be needed! :d

Best thing is that now I'm focused only on GLBasic stuff, no more any hmtl5/JS porting, testing and so on, and Android SDK is awful when compared to VS...
PS. I hope to see 'Red Wizard Island' and 'PMS' soon on Steam! ;]

Finally after long time my first finished GLBasic game is comming to Steam (currently only for Windows).
Nothing special, more as a test that I can do it and finish work on that project, generally it's a bundle/pack of few logical/puzzle games.

Little back story: some games started as Symbian OS projects years ago, coded with QML/JS and released on official Nokia/Ovi store, remade later in GLBasic and enchanced.
Games are 'inspired' by already available titles, nothing original just done in the way that I like it.
At first I was aiming to release all games seperately (with in-app advertising) yet during to long developement time and possible Steam release I choosed to bundle them.

Technical stuff:
At beggining I wanted to use GLBasic as ultimate tool, yet as we know future Android/iOS platform status makes this hard/impossible, despite this I wanted to at least check other platforms, so I ported game to pure HTML5/JS with Canvas based drawing.
HTML5/JS port is used on Android (with Cordova), Windows Store (desktop and phones), LG TV, Vewd and possible others.
Steam version is made with GLBasic, it has gui with fancy transition animations and this will be main version to add possible enchantements, additional games or whatever.
As You may surely assume, I don't have any special / big expectations for this release, just to pave the way, enter this market and see how all things like project management in store are done.

Next in line are two GLBasic games, that are already waiting from some time, target platform is also Steam.

Steam link
YouTube video
#Invalid YouTube Link# For some reason YT video doesn't work.. hm..

PS. other versions links:
Android, Windows Store, LG TV Store...
Vewd / Opera TV platform is still waiting for approval...

ps2. Maybe it would be better to have some kind of 'Steam Thread' to post all GLB projects available there in that topic, for such small releases it would be better.

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