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Announcements / Re: Burguer stuff
« on: 2017-Nov-21 »
Remember that many people are using joypads from consoles, you just need usb cable to connect them to pc / or bluetooth, and they don't have switching analog stick to dpad like pc dedicated joypads. And in my opinion for such games it's just better to use dpad (directional pad / cross pad), same goes for arcade games from older systems - emulators and others.
I have checked and GETJOYX() is for analog stick, GETDIGIX() gets info from dpad, so you can read both, shouldn't be problem.

Code Snippets / Re: FASTMEM2SPRITE
« on: 2017-Nov-13 »
Very nice indeed, short and clean. Currently I don't have any use for it but with this speed can be surely used for some in-game effects.
Another good thing is that you can get CreateScreen out of function and this will speed it two times - that's good for effects on already created sprites/textures.

GLBasic - en / Re: screen aspect changing
« on: 2017-Oct-24 »
Never used viewports, but createscreen and usescreen are sufficient for this. Calculate scaling and borders, draw all game stuff on offscreen texture/sprite, then draw that sprite centered normally on screen with scaling, to get proper mouse coords just something like finalX = (currX - borderX) / scale.. On desktop there shouldn't be any problems with SCREEN commands.

Announcements / Re: Burguer stuff
« on: 2017-Oct-23 »
As already mentioned player number above chefs at start/respawn would be nice.
Joypad steering is fluent, but you should add support for steering with dpad, as it feel more retro (at least on my x360 controller only analog stick was working).
Whats the difference between easy/hard mode? On easy 'stuck on landing' shouldn't appear, but on hardest mode this could give additional challenge, all depends on difficulty balance and how it would fit into it.
Game really has a chance to attract users, single screen co-op/competitive games are rare those days and on one side it's strength, but on other it's weakness as real fun comes with playing with friends, and ideal target for this game would be Nintendo Switch or eventually other consoles, Steam might be hard to conquer.
I hope that it will do well after release as it's really good ;-)

Beta Tests / Re: New Arcade Game
« on: 2017-Oct-23 »
spacefractal has nice idea, this would be nice setting for phones, as I think that game plays better on tablet (larger screen) as finger doesn't cover game objects in such a degree. Btw. nice to see that the game has >10k install base, does it translates in some way to other your projects and ad clicks?

Beta Tests / Re: new pinball type
« on: 2017-Oct-23 »
Tried it on Android 6 device, no problems with game, it's running nice... To be honest I think that this would be better in some simple games pack, or with crazy/more advanced graphics, or with obstacles, moving platforms or something that would attract player more.
But thats good start for a little casual one-finger game :-)

Bug Reports / Re: GLB 15.004 DO NOT COMPILE
« on: 2017-Oct-23 »
Yeah new debugger has some problems, but it always added some slowdowns, due that I prefer to almost always compile as release and use custom functions to show needed variables/arrays data, only when encountering serious problems I'm switching to debug mode. Debugger may be really handy to track game flow yet it has some issues at this stage.
Is your code ok? results using release and debug mode are different? That would be serious issue..

You found simple fix that doesn't complicate code to much, thats good. Btw it would be nice to have some pinned topic with known bugs and workarounds/fixes for them or something like this.. What's interesting I noticed that in some AAA/normal games you need to have joypad plugged in before starting game, as when game already loads with no joypad it will only allow to use mouse + keyboard as controls...

I had similar 'issue' on Win7 64bit, just needed to download that particular KB System Update.
Nothing special as if you don't install all updates (like me :d) you can often encouter such problems - that some apps requires specific system update to be installed, or won't run properly without it...
This update is for universal C libraries so I can only assume that's due that the editor / debugging was updated and build with newer C dll's or something like this, it's always a good sign :)

Announcements / Re: GLBasic v15
« on: 2017-Aug-20 »
Setting 'size of debug arrays' to 10 or below helps, but of course it limits array size, so real debugging for UDT's is impossible. There is another issue with project options - first character of 'name of the executable program' can't be number now, for example '3pack' is changed to '_pack'..

Bug Reports / Re: GLB 15.004 DO NOT COMPILE
« on: 2017-Aug-17 »
Tooked quick look at it, and with GLB 15 it doesn't compile, it looks like new debugging options/capabilities conflicts with types made in inline, something with type constructor if I see correctly. Fast fix for the issue -> add GLB variable at start of tsprite type like this: (code.gbas)
Code: GLBasic [Select]
TYPE TSprite
namespace libSPRITE {

Announcements / Re: GLBasic v15
« on: 2017-Aug-10 »
Updates are always welcome.. Improved debugging is nice, yet it has problems, with bigger projects (like 8 source files) after pausing it show error "Out of memory" and doesn't show any variable info. Also I have question, that variable watching is something internal to GLB, or other external debugger can be used to track variable values?

Sadly original post is lost due that hacker issue so this is at least part of it...

My question is: How do you promote your Android/iOS (and also Win/Steam) games? is good site, but it's for people that already are interested in indie gaming, so it has limited user base? And from what I see most games on it are rather demos/alpha projects.
Kickstarter (or other such sites), great for bigger teams, not single developer (or duo dev + artist) as it's highly advised (in my opinion) to have dedicated PR man to handle all those Goals/material gifts/social media/and so on stuff.
Earlier Steam Greenlight was place that you could pick some interesting projects from tons on crap games, now only Steam Early Access remains, yet still you can search on it for something interesting. But most promotion goes for games from larger teams or those that are closest to finish as final product. And that's obvious.
All above also in some way require that your game/idea is original or at least really good designed / polished.

What ideas you have to promote small / simple games that aren't unique in most part?
Any sites/FB groups dedicated for reviews of such games, or even sponsored promotion (if they have really active user base).
This is open topic so every idea counts.

Make giveaways on SteamGifts site (or similar), use good games from bundle (HumbleBundle, BundleStars, IndieGala and so on) to attract users. Potentialy up to couple thousands may see your game, or even download it if it's free...
Make good free mobile app that would have big/huge user base, and put advertisement of your games in it, not AdSense or other such that won't give proper earnings. All depends on time needed to make such app and possible user base, for example, free app that would show graphical banners (such as in forums) from popular online games (WoW, WoT, LoL, HS, CS whatever) as Android widgets...

My publishing experience is limited to Symbian OS (that dead os from Nokia), and on it even indie developer could get attention from users. Each app category (like games/puzzles) had several subgroups: top paid, top free, last updated and so on - and that wasn't limited to top5, but it was much longer. Also popular games could get spot on banner on main page, and some other like this.
Of course, every market / ecosystem is specific, so it's hard to compare newer systems with it. For example there were sites like AllAboutSymbian, and you could send them your games to review so they would be exposed to some number of active users / potential customers and so on...
Few days ago I've uploaded my pack of logical games to Windows Store and will see how it will go there. This will be opportunity to check how active is that market, and other ways to get attention.

ps. If you have Windows/WinPhone at least 8.1 use this code to get free version of my game: 67KVC-T6YF3-K6QRF-KW29K-49GTZ
Windows Store link: CLICK
I will delete this part after code will lost validity.

GLBasic - en / Re: New Update v15 out
« on: 2017-Aug-04 »
After update to 15.005 editor still shows that it's 15.004, maybe nothing in it was changed, backup zip package is available in GLB directory, so you can check what was changed. Editor.exe is in German/Deutsch, EditorE.exe is in English, maybe Start shortcut was wrong or something, when running from proper path it shouldn't appear.
Just be patient for upcomming fixes.

Announcements / Re: [GBJam 5] MRU:LV-426
« on: 2017-Aug-04 »
I really like this art style, visuals are great, music also.
Small game but gives fun, would be great on mobile phone with good touch controls, much better than most 'runner' type games.
Shooting also would be nice, and maybe different enemies..

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