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GLBasic - en / Re: Stopping iOS and Android support from me.
« Last post by hardyx on Today at 12:21 pm »
Thank for you good job porting iOS to 64 bit and improve iOS and Android modules.
I hope you have good luck in Steam and keep contributing to GLB community.
:nw: :good:
GLBasic - en / Re: Stopping iOS and Android support from me.
« Last post by Alex_R on Today at 11:27 am »
Sad news, Spacefractal, but I understand your reasons. I thank you again your efforts to port IOS to 64 bits, so I could launch my last game. But as you say sales are too poor in mobile markets. It's a big effort without profit.

However I stil think that the power of GLBasic resides in its Multiplattform development. It is a pitty that mobile plattforms are falling right now. We need a miracle to change this!!  ;/

Btw: Good luck with Steam!!!
Announcements / Re: GLBasic v15
« Last post by r0ber7 on Yesterday at 09:24 pm »

I will throw some money at you after my next paycheck.  :booze:
Off Topic / Re: Coins
« Last post by r0ber7 on Yesterday at 09:05 pm »
I'm holding Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Iota, and Dash at the moment. I'm completely convinced this is is how the entire planet will be paying their bills in the future. I hope the decentralized aspect of these coins will remain an integral part of their design, as it is now. Also, Ripple is bad.
GLBasic - en / Re: Stopping iOS and Android support from me.
« Last post by bigsofty on Yesterday at 03:34 am »
I've dropped the mobile market too, I've 2 iPads and 1 iMac sitting in a cupboard. They still work great but Apple deemed them obsolete so I can't use them for development purposes anymore. This pissed me off now end, so I've given up trying to keep up with Apple trying to force new hardware into my home.

Steam may be a bit wild but it feels more "comfortable" with regards to allowing the developer to choose what platforms to support. This is somthing I can work with, so I'm aiming for a Steam release with my game.

All the same, thanks for all your work on the mobile side of things SF!  :booze:
SpaceFractal only give you thanks for all the work you did for GLbasic.

And I'm will still help gernot foe glbasic steam release. First time with focus on major desktop platforms only.

Just let me know,  I'm will help.
Off Topic / Re: Spectrum Next
« Last post by spacefractal on 2018-Jan-14 »
They all have advance and limits.

Spectrum next will fell like old dos games.

Warhawk is closer to been released for Next. and it created by the same original c64 coder :-).
Thanks Ian.

Im did not feel I'm got a reward in the long run.

I'm did got a Apple TV,  which I'm still Surprised I'm got one so early and was pretty easy to port it. My iOS device account so first run out in about 8 month. The games lucky still running on iOS11.

I'm so still like that kind is market. ouya was also a very great console to test thing on.

Of course I'm will still help and I'm will not leave here. I'm just leave mobile platforms.  Currently I'm do have a eye on spectrum next.

Would been nice to see glbasic as a great language for a least those 3 major pc platforms (Windows,  Linux and Mac). Now it's great steam is more open than its was before, even it's have own issue.
Off Topic / Re: Spectrum Next
« Last post by Ian Price on 2018-Jan-13 »
Yeah, I was a CPC guy too, but I still have a soft spot for the speccy and C64.
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