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GLBasic - en / Re: MacOSx broken?
« Last post by erico on Today at 08:38 am »
I wonder if their swift movement ainĀ“t going to break stuff in the future too, but who knows.
Yep I have a glb v10 here to attend the mac stuff, but it is hard to care for that platform.
Like I said, I will have access to a nice pro mac soon, if I can be of any help on that front, let me know.
I will be mostly checking a GLB compilation that works for it and what has to be different.
I'm confirm it'd the issue. Framerate is now faster and playable for him again.

I'm when possible release the new game input so it's don't call joy commands when no gamepads is inserted.....

All gernot needs to do its return 0 when name is empty for all joy commands for windows. Then it's been fixed.
GLBasic - en / Re: MacOSx broken?
« Last post by spacefractal on Today at 07:51 am »
Glbasic works in 64bit.. Yes Linux have issues.

I'm guessing Apple broke something due gatekeeper. Men guess as with Android Studio (I'm did newer return to it), macos should been a Xcode project, just like iOS. We require it anyway.

Also we don't no longer need paid dev account for testing locale anymore.
just to add up, one of the games had the joybutton command going but not the joydad ones, it worked fine, so did the buttons, the one game that had joypad calls did sport that half speed.
I will def keep that in mind...strange I never had any trouble with win 7, it was just this one new win 10 machine that did so...and it is a very powerfull machine, it should have no problem handling my games.
Off Topic / Re: Sequencer Software
« Last post by erico on Today at 01:07 am »
How is the music front doing Bigsofty?
Got stuff to show? Needs a temporary-no-compromise project to help inspire?

I will try some music soon too, but it will be mostly tracked music.
GLBasic - en / Re: MacOSx broken?
« Last post by erico on Today at 01:02 am »
Yep, it seems I can only compile a working mac version using old GLB and attending a set of restrictions.
A friend of mine bought a mac pro laptop and in a couple weeks I should have the machine here for testing.
If you need any help on that front, we could assemble a hangout or something throughout the time the thing is around here. :)

The linux compile also seems to have problems running on 64bit? Not many distros around on 32 I guess, but that is another thing off topic. :)
GLBasic - en / MacOSx broken?
« Last post by spacefractal on Yesterday at 10:44 pm »
with glbasic 14, MacOS platform is completly broken and correctly have no idea why.

First at all im get permission errors for chd every time. But after copy to the virtual mac, then its wont launch at all (im have no longer a real mac) with no errors at all (not even a GateKeeper issue, which im do did get permission for this app using terminal).

Im will testing with glbasic 15.

As with iOS, Mac version should have been ported to xCode project, just like the iOS. Future versions of MacOS would also been 64bit only. Currectly its dosent work.

Also ANDROID def is present for the MacOSX compiler, which its should NOT do that. Im was need to do a undef to get to get past Android Java fatal errors.

PS. Also im also diddent get it to work on SteamOS at all too (but this is a debate to a another thread).
im have adjusted GameInput API (im update later soon), so its newer call any joy commands when there is no joypad there. Howover there was some back issues as well.

Now its works excellent with the Xbox one controller too.

Simple just use GETJOYNAME$ to make sure there is a joypad before use of any JOY commands.
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